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Resource and Cooperation
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  Resource and Cooperation
        After more than ten years efforts£¬ÐÒÔË·Éͧ£ºour company has already accumulated very good human relations and market resource in transportation products£¬freeway construction£¬special purpose vehicles refitting and motive power station and some other fields£®At the same time we have a very strong design and manufacture team£®Recent years we have not only established long¡ªterm cooperation and communion relations with many universities£¬but also provided products to them£¬such as Nanjing University of Science & Technology, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics£¬Nanjing University£¬Scientific research institute of Transportation Office£¬No£®28 Institute£¬No£®60 Institute etc£®By studying and communicate£¬our design capacity and manufacture capacity have already farther improved£®

        Recent years our products have entered army field in special purpose vehicle and all kinds of van products£®We established special purpose vehicle sales company aim at the special purpose vehicles which are needed in freeway , environmental sanitation£¬motive power fields£®We will utilize our sales channel to sell all kinds of special purpose vehicles and equipments£®

        Herein our company sincerely invite all enterprises to communicate and cooperate with US widely , and utilize its preponderant resource to seek common cooperation£®