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  After service
        We have after service department˷ͧand we have a after service team which has excellent technology and fast respondThey meet the demand of customers by their excellent and passional serviceAfter received your service information in 24 hoursour service team must respondand our maintain technician must arrive in the site to solve problems for you in 48 hours  

         If there are some quality problems after the products haven been used by customers in one year ,our company will repair it in freeand replace it if the product cant be repaired in free

         Our company will guarantee the products we sold for lifewe will repair the products which is not because of the quality and exceed one year guarantee periodand we will promise the charge of repairing is no more than the price on the contract

         Our company will be responsible for the related problems which is occurred during after service

        Our after service hot line025-84121208-865