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Highway Hurry-up Wagon
Highway Hurry-up Wagon
NW5046QX highway hurry-up wagon of Yaning brand is a new product manufactured by our company. After broad market suvey and Fully-developing the merit while avoiding the shortcomings to the homogeneous vehicles, we innovate the design and manufacture the product for extended freeway manage system and city traffic manage system, and police system.

NW5046QX highway hurry-up wagon of Yaning brand is refitted the Iveco NJ1046LGSAA second kind chassi, the dynamic character is good, and the oil consumption is low. The hurry-up wagon equipped high strength light alloy hydraulic pressure break tool. The hydraulic pressure system adopts remote electricity startup, it is flexble and convenient, the break tool is a famous brand in our country, it is made of high strength light alloy, it can be deft and convenient operated and carried, and the cut and break ability is strong. In addition, the vehicle equipped lighting system which can be used in the night, the system is imported from U.S.A, and it can be autocontroled to flex. The lighting area in within 200m, and it can gyrate in 360°, it also equipped warning system, so the vehicle is an ideal convenient and flexible shop truck for traffic manage system, city traffic system and public transportation system to rush to deal with an emergency.