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Integral toll booth
Integral toll booth
Specification: 2500*1500*2500  Type:DX-DQC-KF
The function configure is same with the colour steel plate monodirectional toll booth.
The special point is that there is a half dropped install location for ourdoor machine of air condition on the top of the booth, it adopt the design and manufacture craftwork of the top of Iveco ca, the toll booth is totoally enclosed integral form. The ourdoor machine of air condition is in the outside of the top, there is a vented decorative cover, so it can avoid the water penetration on the top, at the same time through the  aborative design for the models of the top and vented cover, we make the toll booth to be one integrated mass with the around. The appearance is more full and fluent. When it is installed on the freeway, it will add lustre to modern freeway.