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  Toll Booth
        The products of toll booth is the assorted equipment for the modern freeway. The appearance design have vivid age character, and the ourside sensory aspect shoud be matched with the concept of freeway, and at the same time it must posseess “dignified” and “safety”, and it must meet the demand for toll system equipment.
        The design and manufacture for toll booth are according to the “ highway toll booth (JT/T422—2000)” industry standard of National ministry of communications. The product passed the test of the inspect and test center of national ministry of communications, and it got the product test report and the manufacture license for batch product.
        The toll booth adopt steel combination frame construction and hidden joint. The entirety is good, and the stiffness and erosion-resisting characteristics is very high. It is easy to replace and maintain. The construction welding craftwork accord with “ steel construction quality check and accept criterion”.
        The external decorative material have colour steel plate, stainless steel plate and aluminium model board.
        Interior decorative materail of toll booth use the to p grade aluminium model board to adhibit. The integer and inner lining board of inner steel skeleton are adhibitted by high strength adhesive, it made the interior decorate haven’t obvious fixed bolt, so it can beautify and trim up and brighting the booth. At the same time it has a good fire retardant and heat preservation and sound insulation function.
        The door and window use toughened glass, Plastic steel material, or double deck glass and hollow glass. The front window has curved full view type, plane type, circular arc type.
        There are work desk, power distribution box, leased-line for air condition, lighting equipment, preformed monitor, charge display equipment line in the toll booth. All the lines are recessed.
        All the function decorate are accord with the customer’s demand. The dimension of the booth also manufactured by the customer’s demand.

Colour steel plate monodirectional toll booth

Colour steel plate two-way toll booth

Stainless steel monodirectional toll booth

Stainless steel two-way toll booth

Aluminium model board monodirectional toll booth

Integral toll booth
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