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  Nanjing Dexing Automobile Refitting Co£®£¬ÐÒÔË·Éͧ£ºLtd
        Nanjing Dexing Automobile Refitting Co£®£¬Ltd belongs to Nanjing .Nanjing Corporation Holding Company£®After ten years¡¯ efforts£¬at present there are army products series£¬van series£¬station wagon series£¬loudspeaker mute power station series and special purpose vehicles for highway series£®The main products are motive power station£¬immovable loudspeaker mute compartment£¬loudspeaker mute tow truck£¬army van£¬  

opticalfiber cable inspection vehicles£¬motive exhibition vehicles£¬motive command station of pilotless aircraft£¬


motive fire communication command center£¬motive field scientific research lab£¬demount type loudspeaker mute electric generating set for sap£¬hurry-up wagon in highway£¬etc£®

        Our company has 168 employees£¬including 46 manager and technician£¬it shows strong manager and R&D capacity£®At the same time£¬our company has standard modem workshops and

and more than 50 sets of modern professional equipments£¬and we have a R&D team which is mainly consisted of secondary and advanced technicians£®The universities are the supporter for our R&D team£®Our products are sold to more than 10 provinces in China£¬and it got accordant favorable comments from mass of customers£®Nanjing Panda Group£¬American AO Smith(China) company ,Jiangsu University of Science & Technology£¬Nanjing University of Science & Technology£¬Hefei fire detachment£¬No.28 institute of general staff of the Chinese People¡¯s Liberation Army£¬No.14 institute£¬No.60 institute£¬Shanghai Ketai Power Equipment Company are our cooperation partners of R&D and manufacture£®

        Our company established a complete service system£¬and we have record and regular return visit and within call for every product£®¡°To satisfy customer is our biggest desire and target for our work£®¡±All of our staff will regard it as our guide line to design every product carefully£¬excelsior manufacture every product£®We will make our brand by quality£¬and to create future by our brand£®